Country breakfast table - Dining room chairs and tables - Books end table

Country Breakfast Table

country breakfast table

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Genesee Country Museum - Livingston-Backus House - Entrance Hall

Genesee Country Museum - Livingston-Backus House - Entrance Hall

Livingston-Backus House - Entrance Hall - Late Classicism style breakfast table with drop leaves. Empire style chairs with a Klismos shape. Great wallpaper in this foyer. The doorway leads into the West Parlor. Located in the Antebellum Village section of the Genesee Country Village & Museum, 1410 Flint Hill Road (George Street) in MUmford, NY.

country breakfast

country breakfast

I basically licked the plate. The bacon: thick-cut, robust, flavorful...and if cooked any more, some would say it was burnt. DELICIOUS. Batten's Store, Wedgefield, SC.

country breakfast table

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