60 Inch Round Glass Table : Small Dining Tables

60 Inch Round Glass Table

60 inch round glass table

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New Toy

New Toy

We inherited this camera from Mike's grandma. She would be in her hundred-and-teens if she were still alive.

So the camera's pretty old. I don't know how old... but old enough that we consider it quasi-antique as opposed to just old. Over the years, I picked it up and looked at it from time to time... and tried and tried... but could not ever figure out how it worked. I would try until I got too frustrated and then put it away again.

It was basically a flat rectangular thing, kind of like a big, hardcoated wallet, about an inch or two thick... with a single, round, frustratingly opaque opening in one corner. And a chrome clippy thing. Also a wheel for advancing film. But otherwise.... I was dumbfounded.

Like I said, I worked at it on and off for years. And a few months ago, I finally clued in to the fact that... if you push a little screw on the top, and pull out the clippy thing... voila. The camera opens and the functional apparatus rises up... like a flower... like a glass and leather accordion.

So... that was part one of the mystery solved. I still could NOT for the life of me figure out where the viewfinder was... until today, when I became very focusedly determined to figure it out. And here it is! You stand the camera on the table and look straight down... at what it's seeing as it looks straight ahead. Very disorienting... especially with a moving subject... but... whoa.. incredibly cool!!

This is Neptune, sunning herself by the window... as seen in said viewfinder. I love the distortion, and the cross shaped frame... and... yeah, think I'll be doing further exploration of this old camera's possibilities.

As if that wasn't exciting enough... today I also finally figured out how to get the film out. I wonder how old it is. I wonder if it'll be salvagable. I wonder what Mike's grandma might've been taking pictures of... 40? 50? 60? years ago...

I'm taking the film in to a camera shop tomorrow to see if they can develop and print it. If anything comes out of this, I will of course post it!

60 inch round glass table

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